Quintel Intelligence

Quintel Intelligence is a Dutch energy modeling and research firm that assists governments, companies and institutions around the world in determining and quantifying their long-term energy strategies.


High oil prices, energy security, climate change, air pollution, food and water shortages: many challenges we face today relate to the way we have designed our energy system.

We believe that a better understanding of energy systems and connected food and water systems will help society to deal with current and future challenges.

That is why together with our partners we are expanding the Energy Transition Model, give presentations and contribute to various education projects.


Together with our partners we develop the independent, fact-based and comprehensive Energy Transition Model. This model is freely available, open source and used for:

  • CO2 impact analysis
  • Estimating energy savings
  • Comparing different countries with each other
  • Facilitation of discussions on energy
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Our team at Quintel consists of 7 people that do research, modeling, programming, and give lectures and workshops. You might also want to take a look at our blog.

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We work closely together with quite a few companies, governmental organizations and NGOs in North West-Europe.

  • GasTerra
  • Shell
  • Urgenda
... and many more


Quintel has unique skills in:

  • Energy Research
  • Energy Modeling
  • High Performance Web Apps
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